april Summers

03 April
Sunday Sunshine Drive

The end of the school term heralds a season of play, fun, laughter and days shared with family and friends. It is a break from rigid disciplines children adhere to at school. After all the past lessons, quizzes, and grades, the kids finally enjoy their long-awaited break. The learning does not stop; summer breaks allow the kids to engage in what they love to do, and establish deeper bonds with friends as they spend more time with each other. 

With the club's mission to nourish and nurture the kids' physical, mental and spiritual well-being, we continue to distribute essential food supplies, and schedule 'google meetings' to achieve these goals. Hopefully, the easing of Covid restrictions will eventually enable the club to organise 'face-to-face' activities for the kids. 

Back to basics this week as the children and their families received regular donations of rice, eggs, and this week, they had chocolate-flavored milk powder. Essential vitamin C syrup was likewise distibuted.

17 April

Rice, eggs, powdered milk and a sweet bag of fluffy marshmallows!

April Highlights

A short video of all of the past month's events