Our Assisted Scholars

In the school year 2018 to 2019, Sunshine Club selected three former “Sunshine Kids” as beneficiaries of an assisted scholarship program. The students were chosen based on their outstanding performance in school, taking into consideration their need of financial assistance. With the help of Sunshine Club, they are given a fixed monthly allowance to help defray costs of daily meals and transportation. Though the scholars are all enrolled in government-funded universities/colleges, to pay for other expenses could be quite challenging. This program is aligned with the Club’s vision of helping underprivileged children complete their education, towards a better future. 

Christian Rafh M. Rivera
Mark Neil Palomo
Jahnzell Malino
Frederick Bolanos
Bryan Lazo
Mitzi Festin
Congratulations to 
Our Successful Assisted Scholars

We are pleased to welcome two of our previous kids, Sarah and Ronica! These exceptional ladies have been selected as "Assisted Scholars'  by the club. 

We currently support six  'Assisted Scholars'. This program was conceived with the hope of extending help to children who have ambitions to further their education in high school and/or college. They receive a monthly monetary allowance to help with covering costs related to their education. This may include pocket money for food and transport, help with buying books and school supplies, and all other miscellaneous expenses. This program was made possible through the generosity of their sponsors. Every student is supported by a sponsor who provide for them, until they graduate and earn their credentials. 

If you are interested to sponsor a student, do get in touch with us --- the more students we can assist, the more we can help in achieving their dreams.

Sarah Pintor

I started being a Sunshine Kid when I was in Grade 1, way back in 2010. My name is Princess Sarah Pintor. I remember, I was just this small and a shy girl at that time. But it all changed when I became a Sunshine Kid. This was when I started building up my confidence. I learned to socialize with other kids and other people. The great thing that I learned here was to be always grateful to all the people who help you, and to all the blessings that come into your life.

Right now, I am in Grade 12 and currently studying at Kalayaan National High school, carrying all the good things that I learned in this club. I am also very blessed to be one of the Assisted Scholars of Sunshine Club. So, I am very thankful to all the sponsors of Sunshine Club.

I was a member of sunshine club since I was a grade one student. Growing as part of sunshine club helped me to become a better version of myself. Before, I was a "shy and lonely" type of kid. But Sunshine Club boosted my confidence! Participating in various activities, I became more confident and approachable to others. I am always inspired to study because I know that there are people who believe in my talents and capabilities, that I have Sunshine Club who always got my back, and proud of me and my little successes in life.

Sunshine Club also enlightens each one of us on God's love and sacrifices, and with this, I was encouraged to become a servant of our Lord. I am now wholeheartedly serving God as an altar server in our church. I am also a former student council officer and former club president in our school. I know that I became a good and efficient leader to my fellow students because that is what I learned from Sunshine Club. I am inspired to also give back service to other people, as what the club did for me and my family.

Sunshine Club reminds me that we can always be more of ourselves. Poverty should not be a hindrance to pursuing the dreams of a goal-oriented person...because dreams do really come true if we have the courage to strive for it.

Ronica Jane Cantere

Assisted Scholars

Reaching The Stars!

Success of our Sunshine Club's scholars continue to inspire as they attain impressive performance for the schoolyear!

1st Semester: President's Lister

GWA - 1.20

2nd Semester: President's Lister

GWA - 1.25

Volunteer: Red Cross Youth Vaccination Program

mark Neil palomo

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Lorenzo Allen Depilo

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Technological Institute of the Philippines

1st Semester: VPPP's Lister

GWA - 1.39

2nd Semester: Academic Achiever

GWA - 1.88

1st Semester: President's Lister

GWA - 1.17

2nd Semester: President's Lister

GWA - 1.11

Student Org: Damlay PUP

Pangalawang Pangulo Panlabas

1st Semester: General Weighted Average

GWA - 1.57

2nd Semester: General Weighted Average

GWA - 1.61

Bryan Lazo

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Technological University of the Philippines

Jahnzell Malino

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

1st Semester: Academic Achiever

GWA - 1.1765

2nd Semester: Academic Achiever

GWA - 1.29

Juliet Javier

Bachelor of Science iin Business Education major in

Operational Management

Rizal technology University

Our Graduates, Our Pride!

After years of diligence, commitment and hard work, our assisted scholars finally made it to the very end --- and they did it with a spectacular finish. To our dear Frederick and Christian, our warmest wishes for a successful career and a bright future ahead!