August Events

Sunday Sunshine Drive

July had been an extremely busy month for our founder so we had a few weeks break. We continued our activities in August, publication though has been delayed due to our website's editor busy schedule. We will resume regular updates as usual from hereon. In the meantime, a lot has happened in August, so here are a few highlights.

On the last weekend of August, the Sunshine Club was given vitamins by Auntie Lizanne, bread from Phil Food Foundation, and our regular help of rice, milk and eggs. When school begins in September, the face to face classes are truly anticipated with excitement. Moreover, by October, 22 new children will form part of the Sunshine Community.

A Short Visit By Uncle Mert

04 August

During the month of August, just before school opening in September, blessings arrived for the Sunshine Club. We had a "gentle giant" visitor in Uncle Mert who made a surprise visit and treated us one morning. Uncle Mert is a regular donor of the Club, but it was the first time he met the children up close, during his short visit to the Philippines.

12 August

Delta Airlines Delivers!

Delta Airlines donated to the Club several unused items which were very much appreciated by the Sunshine Families. Towels, paper products, pillows, blankets, etc. were given by Delta Airlines. They were of fine and high quality and were truly appreciated by our beneficiaries.

13 August

Kapwa Kusina

Kapwa Kusina is a feeding program which advocates families to share their blessings with the less fortunate. Families give their time, talent and treasure preparing special "home-cooked" meals which will be sent to several families in a marginalized community.

The Kapwa Kusina organizers plan and purchase the ingredients and distribute to the volunteers. Then the participants are given easy-to-cook recipes which they will follow and then package. Each member of the family, including the children, can participate: making the the activity a "labor of love"! The meals are then transported, as recipient families await their special treat for the day!

This August, the Sunshine Club community was selected by Kapwa Kusina to be the recipient of their special meals. Needless to say, the Sunshine families were all smiles: with happy tummies as well! Thank you again, to the Kapwa Kusina community.

28 August