Come what May

01 May
Sunday Sunshine Drive

The summer school break continues to give the children time to engage in all manners of play and activities before school resumes in June. The club has been delivering food essentials to the children's families bi-weekly, and this will continue in the foreseeable future. In the meantime we strive to schedule and organise various events for the kids. It is our hope that the club can finally resume delivery of hot meals as soon as the children are allowed to go back to their classrooms. 

In the meantime, regular discussions are ongoing with our 'Saturdates' program where enrichment sessions are conducted by various organizations to improve the kids' English grammar and comprehension, as well as to engage them in values formation. 

Rice, eggs, 'choco-milk' powdered drink. a selection of yummy bread and sweet treats were enjoyed by the kids this week.

Basic essentials such as rice, eggs and milk were distributed this weekend. The children likewise received a rosary each.

15 May
29 May

We're concluding the month with a fun poem before the kids get back to school next month. So, this week, we got rice and eggs, and assorted breads. Skyflakes and talcum powder, condensed and choco milk for energy and power! Yummy drinks and 'Jello', so delicious and mellow!