Updates from Our Scholars
Frederick Bolanos

Mr. and Mrs. Kollens Canada

To Sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Kollen,

I was very happy and it was a privilege to be a recipient of your help for me as a college student. I am writing this letter to show my great appreciation and also to thank you for your generosity and financial support towards my adventure as an aspiring Mathematics Teacher.
My life as a college student has change a lot after having the opportunity to receive your help through financial assistance since June 2019 up to March 2020. I have received my monthly allowance of 5 thousand and it helped me a lot through my handbooks, modules, food allowance, quizzes and more. It helped me to improve myself as an individual to further discover myself more. It helped me in my academics and slowly giving me the glance of being a mathematics teacher. This school year taught me a lot that life is really full of challengers, challenges that somehow gives us that life lessons that we can apply in our life. I also learned that it is okay for us to ask for help, it will not make us less of a human but it will help us to get through the day like specially receiving the help from you that’s why I am really thankful, you are such a big help for me. College also taught me that there is a point, a lot of point where we will fail, from a simple math quiz, Preliminaries, final exams and it is all okay as long as we never give up on it. Life is not all about how we fail but it is all about how we learn when we fail and what we do about it. Everything is all about perseverance, faith, hope, having these concepts will help you through everything since it helped me a lot in mine. In just a 

span of 10 months, from June 2019 to March 2020, I really learned a lot. I matured from a childish boy up to a boy who knows to dream, a boy with a clear vision of what he wants in life and to a boy who knows what will make him happy and I know that boy is thanking you a lot for your help, without your help maybe I can’t manage to think about all of this. Your financial assistance helped me to eat 3 times a day making me feel healthy, making my brain healthy to think all throughout the day and with all of my heart, I am very thankful for it.

Upon I finished all my goals, I will seek employment so I can continue my study and my dreams of educating people and mending the soul of my students. By awarding me your financial help, I will be able to focus on my education and put all my energy to my classes. Your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality. I hope it turns one day I’ll be able to give back and help others students just like how you help me achieve my dreams. Thank you and god bless us all specially you, the Kollen’s Family.

Most Sincerely,

Frederick Dio. Bolaños Expected

Degree: Philippine Normal University, Bachelor in Mathematics Education