Remembering 2016                        

There is a lot of preparation involved in Sunshine Club's annual end of year Christmas party - food, sponsors, venue decorations, programme, prizes, gifts, etc. The amount of hours and effort spent by volunteers, teachers, and the children themselves is admirable; the outcome though is spectacular! 

Once again, this would not have been possible if not for the generosity of our donors, and the support  and dedication of our staff and volunteers.  At the end of our 10th year, we offer a prayer of gratitude.  May we continually be blessed.

2016 was a busy year filled with activities and interaction that enriched experiences for the children, volunteers, and the people who shared their time, donated resources, and inspired our precious children to achieve a dream. 

Our many thanks to Fr. Hannibal Formation Centre and Organic Solutions who conducted a medical mission for the children and their family members. This was a huge success offering diagnosis and medication that proved most valuable to the Sunshine Club community. This was a huge success and we welcome similar events in the future.

Thank you to the Verdana Girls Club who brought activities that encouraged creativity, team building and fun!

Aside from the birthday parties and the annual Christmas celebration, the highlight for 2016 was the Torchbearer's Camp that provided the graduates the venue to explore their talents and hone their leadership potential. 

A well-deserved farewell party for the 6th graders graduation was also e highlight for the year.

We look forward to another fruitful year in 2017!

End of Year Christmas Celebration!

If this has inspired you and you wish to get involved and know more about Sunshine Club, please

We currently need supplies for the following:

• food to feed the children daily

• vitamins

• art materials for our monthly workshop

Any donation in cash or kind will greatly help our cause. Please get in touch if you would like to donate. 

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