June Starts

12 June
Sunday Sunshine Drive

As the school holidays come to an end children all over the country anticipate the beginning of another school year --- another year of learning, playing, forming new friendships, and the opportunity to grow.  June is normally the month when children go back to school. With the pandemic interrupting our children's education, students have not been back on site since 2020. The country is preparing for the reopening of schools – which is now slated for August or September 2022 – CCP has partnered with the Philippines departments of health and education to create a “prevention mindset” among teachers, parents and their children to be ready to safely return.

Sunshine Club strives to nurture our children's growth through providing healthy food to nourish their bodies, activities to stimulate their imagination and develop skills, and sessions to assist in value formation. With the Covid restrictions slowly being lifted and the promise of kids returning to the classrooms, we hope to have more 'face-to'-face' activities with the children in the near future. Let's look ahead to brighter days!

It's finally vegetable day! Healthy greens, potatoes and carrots are back on the menu! Eggs and rice, tins of sardines, evaporated milk and assorted breads will surely make a few meals. Bars of soap and hand gels were likewise distributed.

15 May
25 June

Another healthy week of fresh vegetables, eggs, rice and milk, and a bottle of vitamin C.

June Highlights

A short video of all of the past month's events