Marching through march

06 March

As restrictions are slowly being lifted, we welcome better conditions for the children and their families. This could mean having regular from jobs that were lost in the past two years; this also signals the possibility for 'face-to-face' activities and for the kids to finally go back to school. 

In preparation for this much-awaited event, the club has decided to cut down the weekly donations to bi-monthly. This is to allow the club to save resources in anticipation for the face-to-face activities with the children.

Prior to Covid, the kids would regularly attend sponsored birthday parties where they have the opportunity to participate in games and socialize with friends and our sponsors. Art and craft on a Saturday morning was conducted monthly, and meetings with moms were likewise an ongoing activity.  Of course we look forward to when the kids start going to school again.

Sunday Sunshine Drive

The month started with a meal from 'Angels Today'! Aside from the usual delivery of rice and milk, the also received a box of cookies!

20 March

The last food distribution we had was on 06 March when kids enjoyed a meal from 'Angels Today'. This week, the kids were treated to a 'Jollibee Chicken Joy' meal as one of our supporters celebrated his birthday. 'Vegetable Week' coincided with the birthday celebration, so the kids received their healthy assortment of vegetables, and big juicy apples! As always, milk, rice and eggs were likewise distributed.

march Highlights

A short video of all of the past month's events