Meet Our Partners
The Philippine Food Bank Foundation

Since our charity began in 2006, we have had countless individuals who have donated and supported the club in many ways. Most of these individuals are regular contributors and have been the club's pillars, making it possible for Sunshine Club to keep going, and growing! Behind the scenes, our anonymous donors and sponsors keep us alive, and we will forever be grateful for their help.

Of late, we have been lucky to receive regular support from other charities and individuals with similar missions. 

This page is dedicated to all our sponsors and donors, individuals, charities, and all other institutions that have extended their assistance and generosity in our aim to nourish our children, and to support their families. To all of you, our heart-felt gratitude.

The Philippine Food Bank Foundation (PFBF) have been supporting Sunshine Club with food contributions from many food manufacturers and companies in the country. The organization's aim is to feed the underprivileged, those who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

There are millions of tons of good food thrown away each year world-wide, and yet there are millions of children suffering from hunger and starvation. The foundation has found a way to bring these 'unused' or 'unwanted' food to those who need it. The PFBF receives regular donations of 'soon to expire' food items from reputable companies, and these are distributed through charity groups and organisations, orphanages, schools and parishes. So far, 129 beneficiaries have been supported by the foundation. 

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The inspiration behind angels today is our Mother Angel (and co-founder). Since we were children we have been involved in outreach activities organized and initiatied by our mama. She has always felt the mission to give back, to do something for others, to help others; that whatever she receives, she only sees it as God filling her cup for her to share to others. WE did family outreach every Christmas, together with the whole clan, forming assembly lines for repacking of noche Buena packs for 500-1000 families every year.


Our very first project was a disaster response last 2013 to Typhoon Yolanda. Driving 36hrs to a community we did not know (referred only by a common friend), guided by God (and a GPS); we prepped with friends and we went to Marabut, Samar and did a feeding program for kids for 4 days and gave relief packs to families. And even spent our Christmas there with several volunteers from Ilocos, organized a Christmas party for more than 1,000 kids and distributed Noche Buena packs for the families of 4 barangays there.

As we grow as a community, we have been blessed to have the following program:

CO – LOVE – this is a program where we COLLABORATE with LOVE with other organizations in their projects or activities. This is where we came to work with SUNSHINE CLUB. Other organizations we have worked with are Famcohsef for Medical Mission, Libsung Kabataan in Tacloban, The Playhouse Project, 43rd Infantry “We Search” Battalion in Samar, Robinhood Project in Isabela, Magkahiusa Kita x Banilad Center for Professional Development x Tabang Gikan Sa Sugbuanon in Cebu, to name a few.

NURTURE ME - Let's NURTURE learning by making sure that the students who aspire to contribute more to society by pursuing higher education are not forced to stop due to the financial restraints brought about by this pandemic. This is our newest and boldest project to date. We can do this, scholar at a time. Our first scholar coming from a graduate of Sunshine Club.

All we ask now is for every single one of us to #BeAnANGELTODAY in the simplest way to anyone who is in need.

BOX OF HOPE – this is our Christmas drive. Our main recipients usually are the members of our co-love organizations like Sunshine Club, Missionaries of Charity Appari, Miserior community in Nueva Ecija and other communities.

Angels Today

Angels Today is a community formed to address socio-civic issues through pooled efforts and love-oriented programs. It was born out of passion for the good of our fellow men and women. In this world of so many struggles, we just need to have enough love and care for our brothers and sisters to be able to initiate change in our society. This community invites willing and kind-hearted individuals to join us in providing and doing passion-driven programs.

Angels Today is not new to our children and Sunshine Club. Sharing similar values and mission, Angels Today has been donating hot meals to our children on a regular basis since the start of the pandemic, and we are grateful to them. Angels Today is more than a supporter, they are our 'partner'. 

We reached out to them to give us a glimpse of their organization, what they do, and how they have assisted Sunshine Club and many other causes.

We also volunteered for other organizations like WorldVision and Gawad Kalinga, helping us see what we can do more, and how other organizations are doing to help.

I, because of my mom’s inspiration, also made it a personal mission to celebrate my birthday through thanksgiving, when I celebrated my debut at Missionaries of Charity Tondo. Then it became a normal goal every year. More recent organizations we helped are Grace to be Born foundation, CHILD foundation at PGH, Bahay Aruga, and sometimes some communities at far-flung areas. Inspired by all these, ANGELS TODAY was born.


Our founder have always said that us, her children, were angels sent by God. And when we finally decided to share the mission of giving with other people who are willing, Angels Today (being angels to others in the nowm in the moment, today), it seemed fitting.

NOURISH ME – is a feeding program focused on Sunday Pantawid Gutom. This aims to help our brothers and sisters get by a day without having to worry about their own hunger while doing what they can to provide for their families. “One Less Meal to Worry About”.

CALL TO ACTION: DISASTER RESPONSE - our community’s response to natural or man-made disasters to help our brothers and sisters in need.

#ProtectMe - We reached a total of P1,000,074.75 cash donations that’s equivalent to 15,543 pcs of protective gears last 2020 distributed to 35 different #Covid19 hospitals in Luzon, and 2 negative pressure tents for 1 hospital.

#AngelsAssemble – natural disaster response aimed to provide basic needs to the affected areas like Volcanic Eruption in Taal; recently was last year’s flooding in2020 for Rizal, Bicol and Cagayan;

At the beginning of each month, our regular donor, Christine, buys fresh organic vegetables from the farmers in Benguet. Since the lockdown in 2020, she has been delivering 200 kilos of assorted vegetables (carrots, pechay, sayote, upon, pipino, etc.) for our Sunshine families. This drop provides the children with the essential nutrition and nourishment they need. Support is likewise extended to the small community of farmers in Benguet as the sale contributes to their livelihood. 

Our Bi-weekly Vegetable Drops
Taking One Initiative to
Empower and Educate

The true commitment began with an oath. Last November 28, 2020, the Grade 11 delegates from DLSU Manila and Laguna turned on their cameras, raised their right hand, and recited in both English and Filipino a pledge to dedicate themselves to a project that would help the state of Philippine education by forming a volunteer group called, O.N.E. Initiative, or the ‘Oriented Notion for Education Initiative’. The aim was to start an advocacy to promote quality education for the youth.

The ten delegates who represented the Integrated School went on a 4-week journey during the month of November to become partners in the Lasallian mission. Each meeting focused on inviting everyone to have the same passion and compassion to participate and create change; to look towards the problem that everyone turns away from and respond to the needs of our communities and society. LINE called for each school to plan a project and help the last, the lost, the least. For DLSU-IS, this meant opening their eyes to the digital divide in the Philippines, where schooling hangs on the speed of one’s internet or on the reliability of one’s gadgets. The delegates aim to reach out with their voices and their skills to support the last-mile learners and struggling students, and to aid teachers and faculty with the tools, guidance, and support to bridge the distance of online learning.

O.N.E. Initiative’s vision and mission is to leave no learner behind. It seeks to empower and educate, amplify and advocate the needs of the youth. The first set of projects include webinars, tutoring, and donations which drive to provide resources and materials. The ONE Learning project trains delegates to become ‘student teachers’ to teach basic English to Grade 5 and 6 pupils. Training involves writing up lesson plans, creating engaging educational presentations, and improving their communication skills day by day.

The first session started off with shy faces and typed answers. Eventually, rapport was established and our delegates successfully forged stronger connections and relationships with the children. This helped build their confidence in reading and reciting. Both tutors and tutees enjoyed games and activities during the sessions, and are now eager to continue learning and bonding online. From practicing verb tenses, writing poems, and discussing how to draft a narrative story, the students are on their way to be readers and leaders of their schools.
All of the progress and projects of O.N.E. Initiative were presented to more than a 100 participants from all over East Asia on February 27, 2021 in the LINE project sharing. Each school expressed the insights they’ve gained and the challenges they’ve surpassed — from highlighting the reality of their community’s problems to how each donation can make a difference, from clean up and environment programs to distributing self-care sanitation kits. All these align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The country facilitators encouraged everyone to continue their drive, their dream, their dedication to these projects.

Now, O.N.E. Initiative calls for ambassadors and fellow youth tutors to move the mission forward and raise awareness as role models of the group’s education advocacy. By growing the learning community, this will make the project more sustainable with a lifelong reach to uplift students and teachers.

“When your heart is in the right place, you will succeed. The success of the ONE Initiative Program is due to the unwavering love of the whole team to their fellow students and the teachers that guide them. We felt the guiding hands of the Lord and of our Founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle in each step that we took as we planned, coordinated, collaborated, and implemented.” - Miss Mary Grace Sy Beng, the Special Projects and Development Director of DLSU-IS who led and trained the delegates, advising them on how to have successful program flows for webinars to then teaching them to be international speakers.

Even if these projects were all conducted online without stepping foot on any campus, the mission of O.N.E. Initiative stepped out to make the needs of the youth heard. The future for education can be brought to a much brighter light, if the able and willing take the initiative to close the gap in this digital divide.