Sunshine Club Updates

Saturdates with the kids and their moms

The Sunshine Club organizers ventured into Google Meetings beginning July 2021. This was experimental at first because, while the children were already learning how to use this online platform, we were not certain if they would join or cooperate with us.

The past 4 months proved that, with some effort and a lot of creativity, the Google Meetings have become a great tool to interact with the children and their mothers. A collaboration of volunteers, the meetings proved very fruitful. As the weeks passed, the children became more cooperative and active. We, the instructors also had a better feel of what the children enjoyed and were able to study how to capture their attention and motivate them to participate.

The boys and the brothers. Our first team comprise of young seminarians from St. Hannibal Formation Center. The lessons on virtues and games are selected by the brothers: catering to the boys of the Club. We observed that the boys usually were shy and outshined by our girls, thus they have their own meetings where they could freely express themselves.

REAP reading sessions for Grades 1-4. Our new partner comprising of young ladies, under the Reading Enhancement Academic Program (REAP) group, aims to help our children read and express themselves better in English. Comprising of around 9 volunteers, they have designed their classes per grade level. Storytelling, virtues classes and games perk up these monthly sessions. Soon we will have another group take care of our intermediate level girls and boys.

The Mom Team and the Sunshine Moms. The Mom Team is back in full force: headed by our long-time volunteers Emily Gomez, Nati Salinas, Sanne Averia and Rae Guinto. Hesitant at first because of the new technology, they gained momentum when the attendance grew from 20 to 44, as of our October meeting. The team will be inviting guest speakers who tackle Christian Docrtrine, values formation, parenting issues, current events and even domestic matters. This is also a good opportunity to get to know the mothers, who are our partners especially with the character formation of the children.

Nini and the Sunshine Club. The “good old days” of having our monthly Saturdate with the children may not be back for some time, but the Google meetings proved to be the avenue where I was able to reconnect with the children. Short films and virtues classes, games, and fun learning – with the help of my millennial volunteers, brought back to life our “bonding time” with the 60 children. Attendance is growing, and my latest problem was how to keep the children from talking all at the same time! (Happy Problem indeed!)

Special thanks and mention to our volunteers working behind the scenes: our Kalayaaan Elementary School Coordinator Teacher Sally Bolanos, ably assisted by Marinel Mendoza, Sally Sangumay and other active mothers: these meetings would not have come to fruition without their support. They assure the smooth flow and good attendance of all the meetings, kudos to their hard work, group chats and patient follow-ups.

Special thanks and mention to our volunteers working behind the scenes: our Kalayaaan Elementary School Coordinator Teacher Sally Bolanos, ably assisted by Marinel Mendoza, Sally Sangumay and other active mothers: these meetings would not have come to fruition without their support. They assure the smooth flow and good attendance of all the meetings, kudos to their hard work, group chats and patient follow-ups.

“Food for the mind and food for the soul” are main objectives of these sessions. We wish to make the families feel that they are accompanied, not only through our weekly food packages, but through added education and personal interaction. Friendships are built and strengthened, as we learn from the children and their mothers, as much as they learn from us.

There are issues on internet connectivity, poor signal, and usage glitches which we pray could improve in time. But the volunteers intend to make full use of the Google meetings for the purpose of not just shared learning, but of bringing joy and hope especially at this time of Pandemic. Afterall, this is what Sunshine Club is all about! Let’s spread the sunshine.

L E A R N I N G   &   F U N   G O O G L E   M E E T I N G S 


Our FEEDING PROGRAM will provide RICE and MILK periodically for the children. We care about their nutritional growth and health, and this is our way of adding healthy food on their tables.


'BASA PASA, BIYAYA'T PAG-ASA' was launched to enhance the children's reading abilities. Art and craft supplies are provided to develop the kids' creativity, discover their talents, and to build their confidence. When school begins at a later date, our children are prepared, motivated, and ready to take the challenges ahead of them! 


As a continuing effort towards values formation, we will bring meaningful stories through various materials to the children and their mothers. We care to bring goodness, hope and joy, specially during these trying times.

Let's bring some Sunshine to 60 Families!
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We're 'goog-ling' for good!

The initiative to stay in touch with the kids have been the thrust of the club as schools in the country remain shut since the start of the pandemic in 2020. This attempt has been a great success that there are weekly sessions participated by the children, and conducted by our founder, Nini Veloso, and two other volunteer groups --- ONE Learning and REAP.  

On 26 January, 31 children joined the discussion led by Nini, This is the 3rd session about the "7 Habits of Happy Kids" by Sean Covey. These habits help the kids develop leadership qualities. The 3rd habit is "Put First Things First". During the session, videos were shown and stories shared  about being orderly and having priorities as students. The children spoke about their chores and how to make good use of time especially since they study from home.

We meet our moms every 3rd Sundays of the month. We give them talks on current issues. For the month of January, we invited Ms. Josephine Javier, a cathecist, to talk on the Catechism about Divorce. The moms shared their experiences and dealings with their spouses. This meeting has enlightened moms on how to improve their relationships with their families especially giving priority to theirs spouses.

Sunshine Moms
Session Date: Feb 19, 2022
Topic : Workshop on Divorce
Attendance: 39 Moms
Teachers: Moms Team

A Workshop was held after the talk on Divorce from 2 invited speakers. By this time, we expect the moms have learned and understood a lot from the topic, 'divorce'. Weeks before the workshop, answers to the given questions were submitted to the team leader by each member of the team. There were 4 teams in all. A minimum time limit of 10 mins was given for each team to present. After each presentation, we assessed the answers of the moms. We made corrections and explained further the truths about our faith regarding divorce. We had a fruitful session. At the end, they are not in favor of divorce.

The main goal of this topic is for them to know the truths about the Sacrament of Marriage and its importance. From these 3 months of meeting on the topic, with a lot of hope and prayers those moms who are cohabiting and civilly married will get married in the church. A 'Kasalan sa Simbahan' will be held on July 16, 2022



Date: March 26, 2022
Topic : ELEKSYON: Ang Boto Natin Kinabukasan ng mga Anak Natin
Speaker: Fr. Christian Emmanuel Gabinete

Attendance: 39 Moms

We have invited Fr. Christian "Ian" Emmanuel Gabinete from the Parish of South Admiral Village, Parañaque. Election is fast approaching. It's on May 9,2022, approximately 2 months to go.
This will give our moms enough time to choose their candidates and to vote wisely.

Fr. Ian has shared with us the 10 Commandments of Dignified Voting:

1. I should not idolize politicians
2. I will vote for him for the People and not because he is my "kababayan"
3. I will respect my right to vote
4. I will think of the welfare of my children
5. I will not vote for someone involved in murder
6. I will not vote for someone tainted with corruption
7. I will not vote for someone who steals from the country
8. I will not believe their lies
9. I will not be attracted to vote buying
10. I will not sell my dignity

He explained each one of the Commandments. He also encouraged us to pray to the Holy Spirit to be enlightened. It is important to make a research about the candidates, to know and understand their platforms and vision for the country.

During the Open Forum, it was obvious that they do not know their history. They just believe on hearsay. They were misinformed.